The Ocean to Cynthia by Sir Walter Raleigh

Raleigh’s ten line spin on his Leander scorned by his Hero:

On Sestos’ shore, Leander’s late resort,
Hero hath left no lamp to guide her love.
Thou lookest for light in vain, and storms arise;
She sleeps thy death that erst thy danger sighed;
Strive then no more, bow down thy weary eyes,
Eyes which to all these woes thy heart have guided.
She is gone, she is lost, she is found, she is ever fair;
Sorrow draws weakly where love draws not too;
Woe’s cries sound nothing, but only in love’s ear.
Do then by dying what life cannot do.


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  1. We can read Marlowe’s “Hero and Leander” begins with reference to Raleigh’s spin cited above:

    On Hellespont guiltie of True-loves blood,
    In view and opposit two citties stood,
    Seaborderers, disjoin’d by Neptune might:
    The one Abydos, the other Sestos hight.
    At Sestos, Hero dwelt; Hero the faire,
    Whom young Apollo courted for her haire,
    And offred as a dower his burning throne,
    Where she should sit for men to gaze upon.

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